Automating HFM Extract Utility

We had a client who needed backups of their task audit data in HFM because, after time, the task audit data needed to be truncated. This can be done manually but it’s nice to automate a process if possible. The HFM extract utility has both a GUI and command line interface, and the command line allows the process to be automated. The utility can be used to extract HFM data and task audit data, but in this case, we just needed the task audit data.

The utility is included in Hyperion from up to And even though the utility isn’t included in Hyperion, the extract utility can be used from the HFM patch 22323578. This is per Oracle Doc ID 2034379.1. The command line utility is located at %Oracle_Home%\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\FinancialManagement\Utilities\HFMAuditExtractCmdLine_x64.exe.

The following flags are listed below for the command line utility:

Destination Folder: -d D:\HFMExtracts

  •  UDL File: -u D:\UDL\Prod.udl
  •  Application Name: -a HFMPROD
  •  Specify Delimiter (semi-colon is default): -l <single character>
  •  Start Date (must be in this format): -s 02/01/2018
  •  End Date (must be in this format): -e 02/28/2018

The rest of the flags are used to specify what action to take. The process is disabled by default, so if for example, you don’t want to truncate data, don’t use the flag.

  •  Extract Data Audit data: -x Enabled
  •  Truncate Data Audit data: -r Enabled
  •  Extract Task Audit data: -t Enabled
  •  Truncate Task Audit data: -k Enabled

The command below will extract and truncate task audit data for an application called HFMPROD using comma as a delimiter for all of February: D:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\FinancialManagement\Utilities\HFMAuditExtractCmdLine_x64.exe -d D:\HFMExtracts -u D:\UDL\Prod.udl -a HFMPROD -l , -s 02/01/2018 -e 02/28/2018 -t Enabled -k Enabled

Benjamin Johnson

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