Automating HFM tasks: What EPM Maestro can do for you!

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) software, like many applications out there, do not offer all the functionality that we as purchasers and users would like, and really for the most part, need to have available to us. Surprising, I know! However, we do not have to stop there. At Excel Global Partners (EGP), we are always looking for an alternative answer to satisfy our clients and this is one instance that we have run into time and again.

  • How do we automate the consolidations more effectively and efficiently?
  • How can we get more robust data extracts?
  • How do we copy or clear data using more dimensionality?
  • How can we manage journals and data more nimbly?
  • How can we lock and unlock more quickly?
  • How do we automate all these tasks that need to be carried out over and over?

Although that seems like a considerably sized list, there are many more that I could list when it comes to managing and automating tasks in HFM. Not only is this a pain point for many companies, but the HFM utilities offered are not as robust nor reliable when automated for month after month procedures.

EPM Maestro is a solution to that problem. I am so enamored with this tool that I can’t say enough good things about it. However, let me sum up some of the things that I believe are the best.

  • Simple This may not be your first choice for preferred options in a tool, but I love the simplicity of the application and for me, I consider that a HUGE plus. EPM Maestro gets the job done without a bunch of unnecessary steps.
  • Solid EPM Maestro is a stable tool that once set up, runs like a well-oiled machine.
  • Agile EPM Maestro is flexible in that you can process tasks at any level and within dimensions, regardless of how complex your application.
  • Power EPM Maestro automation is easy to implement and then frees up time for your system administrator to focus on other more complex tasks.

I recommend for any company currently using Hyperion Financial Management to consider the EPM Maestro solution. Once you have seen it in action, you will want to have this tool for your very own.

To learn more about EPM Maestro you can visit their website at

Kathleen Kissam

Director Financial IT Solutions – The EGP Family of Companies

Since 2007, Excel Global Partners (EGP) has brought practical solutions and thought leadership to clients across the globe through its three practice areas: Information Technology Solutions & Consulting, Management Consulting & Business Strategy, and Finance & Accounting Consulting. The EGP Team not only cares about its clients, but provides actionable recommendations proven by real world experience to drive operational and financial excellence.