EPM in the Cloud

Two or three years ago, Oracle started offering cloud solutions for Hyperion, one of the solutions is PBCS (Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service).  This solution is meant for companies, perhaps small to mid-sized businesses that don’t want to manage an on-premises solution.  It is a complete planning and budgeting solution with reporting capability.

Benefits of using the cloud are rapid deployments (Oracle spins up a system), and it’s a managed service so you don’t worry about applying patches or having to resolve server issues.  This is a great solution if you don’t want to worry about managing servers, hardware, software and security that Hyperion requires for an on-premises solution.  You also don’t need to worry about paying Hyperion administrators to manage the infrastructure.

When logging into PBCS, you’ll see a simplified Planning interface instead of Hyperion Workspace.  Any browser can be used to access PBCS and it also available on mobile devices.  PBCS integrates with Microsoft Office (such as Word and Excel) so that Smart View can be used.  Also, keep in mind that MaxL is not used in PBCS; this was replaced with EPM Automate.

For Hyperion Financial Management things are a little different.  Oracle has a cloud service called FCCS (Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service) but this isn’t HFM in the cloud.  The HFM database can’t be imported so this requires some training and app conversion (similar to going from FDM to FDMEE).  FCCS comes with 11 dimensions (9 standard and 2 custom) vs. the 8 standard dimensions HFM has in

Pricing for PBCS starts at $120 for each user per month.  Oracle also offers a similar solution but with less customization called EPBCS at $250 for each user per month.  Pricing for FCCS starts at $250 for each user per month.

Both solutions (Cloud and On-Premises) have a place and have ongoing support from Oracle.  Even though we have been on Hyperion for a long while, Oracle is actively working on Hyperion 12 that may see a release in 1-3 years.  The on-premises solution is great for mid-size to large businesses and corporations that have the money for infrastructure.  Using this solution gives you the full functionality of Planning, HFM, and other products that come with Hyperion.

Benjamin Johnson

Senior IT Consultant – The EGP Family of Companies

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