EPM Managed Services

If you are reading this you probably already have made the decision between on-premise vs cloud application…. Or maybe you are in the throes of dealing with IT support issues… Or maybe you are still deciding…. In any case, this may be another consideration to help tip the scale one way or another. Oracle Hyperion EPM Managed Services what does that mean?

Serious consideration into the EPM Managed services needs to be done because the truth is, Oracle Hyperion EPM applications need IT services. There is no way around that! The question is to support the backend in-house or by a managed services company. There are many opinions to support both sides of the argument.

Some of those are:

  •  Expense of full time employees
  •  Cost of resource with knowledgeable on Hyperion Infrastructure
  •  Finding the expertise needed for Hyperion applications
  •  Filling a full-time position for a not so full-time amount of work
  •  Keeping that person engaged
  •  Normal turnover
  • Paying for 3rd party support
  •  Getting the support that the corporation demands
  • Feeling like the 3rd party is seamless and really a part of your organization and not someone you are training every time you need support


Honestly if you are not large enough of an organization to support a fully staffed IT group with all specialties covered, then you really need to consider utilizing the expertise of an Oracle Hyperion EPM Managed Services organization. The nice part is that you have instant expertise without having the issue of hiring, training, and retaining the employee or employees to cover this specialty. If you can house multiple IT specialties and feel that one more will only add more resources to tackle a myriad of tasks that need to be done, then a corporate employee may be best. There is a limited amount of companies that fall into this category so for those of you who don’t, finding an Oracle Hyperion EPM managed services company can be daunting. It really is no small task and I recommend staying away from the larger consulting firms that will lose you in a sea of other companies.

EGP is a boutique firm that offers white glove service to our clients. You are not just another contract, we care about your success and we dedicate to be the best solution for your company. Our vast amount of experience and knowledge allows us to offer reliable and proven support. Additionally, our wide array of skills allows us to offer the best fit for your needs, from full-fledged support and application administration to on call support, we can determine what would be the best solution for your business.

Kathleen Kissam

Director Financial IT Solutions – The EGP Family of Companies

Since 2007, Excel Global Partners (EGP) has brought practical solutions and thought leadership to clients across the globe through its three practice areas: Information Technology Solutions & Consulting, Management Consulting & Business Strategy, and Finance & Accounting Consulting. The EGP Team not only cares about its clients, but provides actionable recommendations proven by real world experience to drive operational and financial excellence.