Want access but don’t know where to start? Working your fingers to the bone and not getting the results that you desire, or your stakeholders, board members, or supervisors desire? This package is perfect for the executive who wishes to get his/her feet wet by experiencing the benefits of executive coaching and having a trusted, objective partner to help him/her evaluate, strategize, and roadmap best practices behind the scenes. The outcome of every coaching engagement is a desire for more—and besides, who wants to continue being average or pretty good? Who wants to continue doing the same thing, only to get the same performance reviews, results, or stagnant profitability? Engage today and launch the beginning of a new you, with an experienced Executive Excelerator™ coach backing you behind the scenes.

  • Monthly video/phone meetings
  • Personal technical assistance and scheduling by Excelerator™ concierges
  • Video kick-off meeting
  • Discounted rate for ad-hoc coaching


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