OneStream Introduces “Browserless” App

OneStream announced with the release of version 4.2, that it comes with an app for Windows!  This gives the users the ability to use the application in place of the browser interface.  For some of us who don’t like using browsers or are using alternate options to IE, this can be exciting news.  It seems in today’s environment we all have different versions.  Have you noticed that the versions are now so many digits long you can’t memorize them anymore?  LOL…    

This new Windows application has better integration of OneStream with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and comes along with text editor functionality.  This is not a surprise as it would be easier to work without the limitations of browser settings.   

Is this a fad?  I am not sure.   However, it seems that many corporations are wanting to move away from the browser and back to desktop software.  It wasn’t too many years ago, depending on your age, that you can recall we wanted “zero footprint”.  As much as technology has responded to that movement, it can come with a price.  One reason for the desire to go back to desktop applications is that web-based applications tend to have compatibility issues with browsers.  Other concerns include cyber security and limiting users’ personal use (though this should be managed with network policies). 

The case for going back to desktop applications is supported by the fact that many other web-based applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, QuickBooks, and LinkedIn offer apps for MAC and Windows.  While desktop software is prone to crashes, it is more secure than web browsers.  Also, user experience and performance is much better.  For instance, have you ever had to do repetitive data entry through a web browser?  It’s not fun.  Or have you had to troubleshoot IE settings to get the browser app to work?   Another benefit that desktop apps have over browser applications is that you can use keyboard shortcuts. 

The key benefits of the OneStream app for Windows are: 

  • The Windows App is available for the cloud or on-premise deployment and contains all functionality supported in the OneStream XF browser version and more. 
  • The Windows App eliminates browser compatibility issues and provides enhanced application rendering performance beyond a browser-based equivalent. 
  • The Windows App supports easy initial deployment and automatic subsequent upgrades. 
  • The Windows App includes a Spreadsheet and Text Editor with functionality similar to Microsoft Excel and Word. The Spreadsheet feature has capabilities on par with the OneStream XF Excel Add-in (e.g. can run Quick Views, Retrieves, Cube Views) yet is easier to deploy. 

Even though OneStream has introduced Windows app and believes in the future of desktop applications, OneStream will continue to support their web-based interface and mobile interface.  For more information, see the blog announcement here:

Benjamin Johnson 
Senior IT Consultant – The EGP Family of Companies