OneStream: Less Resources

One of the problems with EPM software for years has been the large number of different products meshed together that require multiple experts.  Hyperion for example has several products such as Reporting, Planning, Financial Management, Data Relationship Management, Oracle Data Integrator, Close Management, etc.  When doing a new implementation, some clients want everything, and these types of projects require an expert for each product.  You may get lucky and have someone who might understand the ins and outs of two or three products, but most of the time you need a team of several people. 

Projects like this end up being costly due the number of people that need to be involved.  Each consultant is easily billable from anywhere between $160-$200 per hour.  Not to mention that expenses will need to be paid such as flights, hotels, and food.  This also requires a lot more project management and planning.  Extra time is needed to discuss a timeline of events and what and when someone is to do something within the system. 

Now let’s talk about what happens if something goes wrong with the system.  Again, take Hyperion for example.  Since it consists of so many different parts and a large system is spread out across multiple servers, there’s a lot more potential for failure.  The issue here is that only one part may fail while the rest of the system functions normally.  And to be fair, usually restarting services for something like HFM or Planning alone will fix whatever issue there was.  But let’s say something happens that requires a fix by re-configuring or needing to make a change within the registry, this type of fix might require brining the whole system down.  If it’s HFM that needs a fix, but the rest of the system is working, then you need to wait for the rest of the administrators/users to finish their tasks before taking the system down, which delays HFM development.  

With OneStream, few people need to be involved due to the unity of software capabilities.  There aren’t multiple products meshed together that requires an expert for each.  If you know OneStream, then you understand budgeting, consolidation, data quality, and reporting is simple since it is all unified.  This lowers project risk and cost due to how simple OneStream is to manage.  Since OneStream has everything bundled together and is a lot simpler to use and understand, it doesn’t require so many people to develop and maintain the applications and system.  This lowers cost and projects will go a lot smoother! 

Benjamin Johnson
Senior IT Consultant – The EGP Family of Companies