OneStream = Simple Upgrades

EPM solutions offer many tools and added functionality necessary for businesses and corporations to keep track of financials as well as meet management reporting requirements.  To meet these demands, some software solutions are big and unwieldy, especially for Fortune 500 companies that have massive amounts of financial data.  This means that these EPM solutions are spread across multiple servers in multiple environments. When it comes time to upgrade, this process becomes a time-consuming project that could span weeks or months to complete.

Best practices to implement an EPM software upgrade is to develop a project plan to guide the process and ensure its success.  This plan should contain the requirements for resourcing, timing, and hardware to complete the upgrade.  Within the project plan’s scope, it may be necessary to include consultants in order to have the expertise on site that may not be available within the company’s technical team and to be able to complete the project in the desired amount of time.  There may be new hardware requirements therefore necessitating purchases and timing of those additional items to be delivered.  Lastly, the project may need to take place during a specific time-frame that doesn’t disrupt business operations, which could be several months from when planning started.  In addition to the above layout, all software modifications need to be implemented in a Test application and environment prior to the Production update.  And with all modifications, thorough testing needs to be conducted.  All of these tasks and complexities combined can create a time-consuming project, mainly if the software upgrade itself is complex!

With today’s technology, your EPM software upgrade shouldn’t require months of planning and budgeting, especially if you’re paying a pretty penny for the software and support.  This is where OneStream comes to the rescue and differs from the rest.  OneStream provides a simple upgrade process that can be done in an afternoon, which is a fraction of the time and cost of other EPM offerings.

Another benefit of OneStream is the MarketPlace.  Everything needed for the upgrade and addons are available for free to current customers in one place.  Competing EPM software does not have this and it can be a nightmare trying to track down the files needed to complete the upgrade process.  With OneStream, administrators can download what’s needed and easily install on the OneStream platform.

OneStream does equal simple upgrades while maintaining the technical edge on its software!  For more information on OneStream Software, check out !

Benjamin Johnson
Senior IT Consultant – The EGP Family of Companies