Reaping the Benefits of Current Smart View

The latest version of Smart View was released December 2017 which is version  This version introduces new features and many bug fixes from older versions.  Also, this version and any version starting at are compatible with Hyperion and higher.  The nice thing about that is if you are “stuck” on an older version ( xxx) due to constraints, timing, or FDM and not FDMEE; you can still install and utilize the updated version of Smart View.

Smart View can be mass deployed or installed from Workspace after updating the installer.

To update the installer in Workspace:

  1. Log into
  2. Go to Patches & Updates and download Patch 26783864
  3. Extract (either on the local machine or the server hosting Workspace)
  4. On the Foundation Services server, go to:
    Oracle Home\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\common\epmstatic\wspace\SmartView
  5. Make a backup of SmartView.exe and version.xml
  6. Replace SmartView.exe and version.xml with the files extracted from the zip file

You should now be able to install the new version of Smart View from Workspace via Tools -> Install -> Smart View.

Further information about this version of Smart View can be found at

Benjamin Johnson

Senior IT Consultant – The EGP Family of Companies