What is the EGP POWER Method™?

Frustrated by how long your financial close process takes? Is data complexity overwhelming your team? Are the expectations of your data audiences exceeding the capabilities of your current processes? Has your budgeting and forecasting processes become unbearable?

The EGP POWER Method™
An EPM Solution

The EGP POWER Method
An EPM Solution

What does POWER stand for?

POWER = Providing Organizations With Exceptional Results

What is the EGP POWER Method™?

Frustrated by how long your financial close process takes? Is data complexity overwhelming your team? Are the expectations of your data audiences exceeding the capabilities of your current processes? Has your budgeting and forecasting processes become unbearable?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the right EPM solution could take away many of your headaches. We are here to help. At Excel Global Partners (EGP), our thought leaders are the best of the best. They have held roles in Accounting, Corporate Reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis, and have led organizations as subject matter experts in IT and Financial Systems. This breadth of experience, along with our background in managing complex M&A and Restructuring projects, uniquely positions EGP to help our clients evaluate and develop a solution that fits your organization and deliver maximum value!

BUT… we do not assume to know YOUR organization, YOUR pain points, and YOUR solution. Great consultants first listen and then evaluate. We know that one size does NOT fit all. That’s why we developed the EGP POWER Method™.

The EGP POWER Method™ is a ground-breaking approach to solving business’s data problems.

The EGP POWER Method™ is designed to minimize risk to organizations by providing a low cost approach to identifying the best EPM solution for you. OR, to not pursue an EPM solution at all. Our approach will save you time, frustration, and money.

EGP’s proprietary Power Method provides a sequential evaluative approach, whereby each step builds upon prior steps. The methodology will successfully guide you through numerous Go/No-Go decision points. Additionally, the cost and time investment is incremental, thereby further minimizing risk and maximizing potential outcome.

The EGP POWER Method™ is different. The objective is not to sell you some random pre-concocted EPM solution. But rather, it is designed to save you time, frustration, and money by first answering three questions:

First, is an EPM solution even the correct solution for your organization? Investing a small amount of time and money to determine that the answer is “no”, can easily save your organization hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in cost and time.
Second, if an EPM solution is the right answer for your organization, what are the specific desired outcomes and pain points to be solved across the numerous stakeholders?
Lastly, what software platform and design is the highest value solution to best suit your organization’s needs today AND tomorrow?

Although these steps are very broad and high-level they are critical questions that when answered, will guide your company in the right direction.  Making bad decisions at this point can affect the entire solution.  The EGP team has a vast amount of knowledge and solutions for different problems, all of which would be at your disposal by involving us early in the process.   Why not increase your brainpower from the get-go, enabling your company to consider alternate solutions that have been implemented in benchmark companies?

The EGP team looks forward to working with you to better understand and evaluate your needs. There is nothing quite like the Power Method to help you to effectively determine the next steps that will prepare your organization for greater financial and operational success tomorrow!